The Private Faculty of Management Sciences and Technology «UPES» is pleased to welcome all Tunisian or international students wishing to follow a serious and quality course. We provide them with all the knowledge, skills and experience of our experienced teachers in the field of private education in order to support them in their student life for a promising future and a guarantee of employment in the best institutions. 

Located in a prestigious business district of Greater Tunis and in the heart of Mégrine, easy to access and secure,UPES is a private establishment which specializes in the field of management sciences, economics and technology.

It was established in 2001 by virtue of the decree of the Minister of Higher Education of November 12, 2001 and the ministerial authorization 7-2001, by its founder Mr. Abdellatif Khamassi.

It is a private institution of higher education under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education. It is governed in accordance with the laws and regulations in force for Higher Education.

UPES brings together a high quality multidisciplinary faculty, endowed with professionalism and great seriousness. Its administrative team, attentive to everyone's needs, accompanies, advises and guides its students as best as possible in their academic procedures.

By joining the UPES, students, future workers have a wide range of diplomas (Bachelor's, Master's and Engineering) in several specialties with multiple outlets.
Our commitment is to lead you to success by achieving all your goals in order to integrate the professional world of tomorrow which requires the skills and qualities acquired during your studies.

“Men learn by teaching.”



Studying at UPES means adopting this endearing culture to live a fascinating experience

The quality of teaching

The continuous improvement of the quality of training is a constant concern which is at the heart of the missions of the UPES.

A personalized educational follow-up

A pedagogical follow-up of the student whose goal is to appreciate the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

A partnership with companies

The "University-socio-economic background" relationship is at the heart of UPES' action, with the dual objective of strengthening student employability and promoting innovation.


  • From a renowned establishment.
  • From a wide choice of specialties.
  • An optical fiber connection with WI-FI 24/24, 7 days / 7 at high speed.
  • Personalized support and follow-up
  • A help and follow-up office for its students.
  • A job guarantee thanks to our partnership with neighboring companies.
  • A personalized administrative service.
  • An equipped meeting room.
  • The possibility of studying abroad thanks to our partnerships established with European universities (MBS Paris, the ESC Clermont group, E-CAMPUS Italy, etc.).
  • The possibility of internships abroad thanks to internship agreements established with foreign organizations.
  • Insurance throughout the academic year with our partner MASU.
  • Medical follow-up by a doctor and a nurse / psychological follow-up by a specialist.
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