Any student enrolled at UPES in the bachelor's, engineering cycle or master's programs is required to complete a graduation thesis during the last year of study. Generally, graduation projects last 3 to 4 months and include an internship in a company related to their field of research. During these months of internship, the student is required to respect the rules of attendance and the schedules of the host company in order to leave a good impression of himself and of the UPES.


Ideally, the student should begin his internship search efforts in the summer. Once the company's agreement has been obtained, the student must complete the document 'End of studies project, an internship diary, an internship agreement and an internship certificate' and obtain the signature of an official representative. of the company, then the student will submit this document to the tuition office for approval.

During the internship period, the student will be supervised by a university supervisor and a supervisor from the host institution. These two people will be the resource persons who validate any progress made in the course. We count on our students to demonstrate their know-how and respect the appointments given by their supervisors for follow-up sessions. The length of the internship report and all the specificities related to it may vary from one specialty to another, for more information, ask your director of studies for support.

The first step in the evaluation is the verification of the internship validations. To be qualified to present a subject in front of a jury, the student must have spent all of his apprenticeship time and have an internship certificate signed by the supervisor of the host establishment, as well as the tuition office. . Any internship not validated results in automatic failure.

It is highly inadvisable to submit your internship report late, students must show punctuality and accountability for the submission of their work. For more information, consult the end-of-studies project guide or contact your director of studies.

While adhering to the stated deadlines, we require students to submit the following:

● A full internship report, approved by its supervisor and well revised, this internship report will then be checked with computer software for any plagiarism. Once the verification is finished, we will move on to the next step. The student needs to provide

-5 copies of this internship report as well as 02 digital copies in a CD ROM.

- A deposit authorization signed by his university supervisor.

Once all the documents have been submitted and evaluated, we will move on to the defense stage. Generally, the defenses are held towards the end of the school year (Month of May and June) in front of a jury composed of university professors (A Rapporteur, A President of the Jury, an administrative member and his supervisor), and professionals in the field. . Each student will have the choice of having an open defense (Authorized presence of colleagues and family members) or closed (Single presence of jury members).

The dates of the defenses, the members of the jury, as well as the rooms, will be communicated with the students on prior dates.


A professional internship is a valuable opportunity to gain professional experience, develop practical skills, and explore the world of work.

Documents related to internships:

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