The private faculty of management sciences and technology

Student life can be a potential source of discomfort, pressure and stress. With this in mind and realizing that the psychological side is a key factor in intellectual productivity, the UPES has set up a listening and psychological support cell dedicated to students who find themselves in a situation of ill-being, pressure, anxiety or even upset by obstacles, personal or social difficulties. The student who feels the need to be listened to, supported, and helped has the right to call on the services of the listening cell in order to be oriented, guided, and to develop his well-being and restore his psychic functioning. . The interview respects two essential notions: neutrality and total confidentiality

  • The listening and support unit is a confidential space which aims to welcome, listen, understand, inform and guide UPES students in difficulty.
  • Provide the student with every possible opportunity to facilitate his adaptation, integration and development on a personal, family and social level.
  • Receive and listen to individual interviews with students at their request (make an appointment beforehand)
  • Provide support to students through consistent advice and guidance
  • Propose a relay with a practitioner for therapeutic care if necessary
  • Propose preventive measures 

Consultations within the framework of this unit are provided by university hospital doctors.

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