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Quality in higher education and research is a multidimensional concept that should concern all missions/functions and all actors: teaching and programs, research, academic staff, students, buildings, facilities, and community services. and to the academic world.
The establishment of a quality assurance system is necessary to guarantee the compliance of a higher education institution with international standards. Such a system makes it possible to adhere to the dynamic of continuous improvement and to anchor the culture of evaluation of teaching, programs and establishments. It also allows the comparability of diplomas and consequently ensures the competitiveness and credibility of institutions. To do this, it is important to involve the various actors of the university in this model by strengthening participation and collegiality.

The ASIIN Subject-Specific Quality Seal

In process of ASIIN accreditation

ISO standards ensure safety and quality of products and services, facilitate international trade and help improve the environment in which we live. They have the advantage of being international and of allowing the same referencing of the certification criteria.

Because we aim to offer the best quality of service and because we make sure to meet international requirements, UPES announces that it has obtained the ISO 9001 version 2015 label and the ISO 21001 version 2018 label.

ISO 21001 certification: 2018 version

The international standard ISO 21001:2018 outlines the requirements for an educational organization management system (EOMS) and highlights your educational institution's most important asset – the delivery of education itself. .

ISO 9001 certification: 2015 version

This norme is based on the principles of quality management to satisfy students and ensure continuous improvement.

Using ISO 9001 means ensuring that learners get consistent, high-quality products and services, with great benefits in return. 

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