Tuition fees are set annually by the financial department of the Faculty.

These fees cover registration fees, courses, tutorials, internships, conferences, seminars, permanent high-speed access to all Internet services via the computer network as well as access to the university media library.

These rights can be paid either in full before the start of the academic year, or in installments according to the methods predefined by the financial department and detailed as follows:

  • A first installment before the start of the academic year during registration
  • A second installment must be paid before the first semester exams in January
  • A third installment before the second semester exams in May

In addition to the tuition fees, the tuition fees for the students concerned by the end-of-study projects fixed at the beginning of each academic year will be paid before the final submission of the projects.

For any payment of tuition fees by bank transfer, students are invited to send immediately by email or WhatsApp to (+216)52126354 proof of the transfer made (bank or postal transfer, Swift, etc.) stipulating their surname, first name and number. The supporting document will be immediately sent to the “Scolarité” department after verification of the actual collection on the Faculty’s bank account for recording in the computer system.

Any student who has not paid the tuition fees on the fixed dates will be denied access to courses and exams, including in the event of an unpaid balance on previous fee installments.

To obtain our price lists, please contact us on

Bank details:

Bank of Tunisia 

Account No.: 05 209 0000653000928 45 / TND

To the order of the Company El Amal of private education

Fidèle à sa dimension internationale, le Groupe UPES soumet tous ses étudiants nationaux et internationaux chaque année aux mêmes frais d’études.

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