Mission, Vision and Values

To meet the challenges of society, UPES has undertaken a process to engage and mobilize its community in the quest and transmission of knowledge and to build a living, studying, research and working environment his aspirations.

  • Produce new knowledge, transmit and share knowledge, preserve and enrich the scientific, cultural, intellectual and artistic heritage.
  • Contribute to the democratization of higher education and student success in all three study cycles.
  • Participate in the development of society through training, research and creation activities aligned with the concerns of educational, cultural, professional, social or economic circles.
  • Stimulate, develop and promote scientific and artistic curiosity, analytical thinking, critical thinking, creativity, autonomy and commitment.
  • A socially responsible Faculty of Excellence

A Faculty that offers a unique university experience due to the very high quality of its research, creation and training activities, combined with an exemplary commitment to the democratization of higher education.

  • A healthy, dynamic and stimulating study and work environment

Open, plural and attentive to the needs and concerns of its community, the UPES will help create an environment that promotes respect, development, commitment and well-being of the people who make up its community.

  • An efficient organization in terms of resource management

A Faculty recognized for the efficiency of its organizational model, which will combine a collegial and participatory approach with the simplicity and efficiency of its administrative and decision-making processes.

With sensitivity, with regard to the diversity of people, knowledge and ways of thinking, UPES pursues its teaching and research mission by putting the following values ​​into practice:

  • the responsibility
  • the respect
  • courage
  • integrity
  • inclusion
  • solidarity
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