2021-2022 Graduation Party: A “Melting Pot” Event

Founded in the year 2001, the Private Faculty of Management Sciences and Technology is a prestigious organization dedicated to students with the enthusiasm to pursue an academic career in computer science, economics, management.

Its faculty encapsulates a variety of professors with in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields. With a caring staff, the UPES provides its students not only with academic support guided by one of the best categories of teachers, but also offers a whole new experience. “UPES is a school of life, the marriage of know-how and good manners. The diversity of our faculty as well as its inclusive environment allow our students to open up to the world and rediscover themselves through the consistency of our courses and the value of cultural exchange.”, says Ms. Imen Khamassi, Director General of UPES.

“We had the inspiration to found the UPES in the hope of revolutionizing the private sector of higher education. In other words, we aim to demystify this area not by selling dreams to parents or their children but rather by creating a balance between the employability market and the existing skills that we aim to develop in new generations. ”, she explains.

“We have indeed noticed that generational change continues to challenge the higher education system. Eventually, any organization promoting the well-being of its students faced two scenarios, grow or perish. The greatness I am talking about is a phase of maturity during which the approach of the teaching body is revisited - or even reconstructed - in order to create a balance. This kind of adaptation has become more essential than ever for UPES to ensure an academic experience that meets the needs of students and meets market expectations.” Emphasizes Ms. Khamassi.

The Meeting of Cultures, Winners

The ceremony which took place on Monday, July 4, 2022 is an event during which different agents of change met. The ambassadors of Cameroon, Kinshasa as well as other representatives of the diplomatic corps of Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Niger, Gabon and Algeria took part in this ceremony to celebrate the success of the UPES and its 20th anniversary. By inviting the valedictorians and the holder of the best end-of-study project on stage, the ceremony ends on a note encouraging new generations to pursue their dreams. The marriage of colors and music of Africa was also there, an atmosphere that reflects pure and hard the culture of the UPES.

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